The Edge of Forever

Whenever I come to the Lunar Lagrange it is a constant reminder of what we’ve lost. We’ve lost our childhood. We’ve lost the past. Now is what matters. Now our young species has finally grown up out of the Cradle of Earth and we must survive a cosmos more deadly, than our infant minds imagined. We cannot live on Earth in the nostalgic past. And not huddled in our habitats of stone and steel in fear of extinction. Now is all that matters. This is our purpose. Our Promise to our Mother Earth. We can’t go back.

We stand at the Edge of Forever. Will you take that next step?


Half a billion humans were left stranded in habitats across the solar system. They did what any species would do facing extinction. They evolved. We have become Transhuman. A species defined by our minds, now as fluid as information. Our egos flow from body to body, morphs as they have come to be called, like water from a pitcher or flowing through streams of data inside virtual worlds.

Inequality in a Post Scarcity Economy

The old nationalities, ethnicities are falling away. Replaced by cultures and subcultures within habitats, social networks and Factions. The crises that plagued Earth are gone. We enjoy a Post Scarcity world. Basic needs are met with nano-fabricators and Cornucopia Machines. We have eradicated disease and hunger. The the vast majority of humanity is smarter, healthier, and richer than any humans have ever been. Yet we are still divided. There is vast inequality. Infugees, are lucky to have a body, even ones indentured to some hypercorp. The hyperelite prosper and control the hypercorps, governments and social trends.

Reputation Networks: The New Economy

One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue
The Backbone of Night

The Edge of Forever

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