The Backbone of Night

We are the Backbone of Night. If we are broken, the future is paralyzed. Without Firewall transhumans may as well deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight – brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal. -Proxy Winter


Firewall is a secret, cross-faction organization dedicated to safeguarding transhumanity from existential risks: aliens, weapons of mass destruction, hypercorp experimentation, seed AIs, and so on. If anything threatens transhumanity as a whole, Firewall is dedicated to stopping that danger at any cost.

The strength of Firewall rests in its members, known as sentinels. Found in all factions and across all locales, sentinels are often diametrically opposed when it comes to social, economic, and political ideologies, to the point they might come to blows over their fervent beliefs. Yet when the survival of transhumanity is at stake, such extreme differences are set aside for the greater good.

Every one of us, conspirators all, have examined the facts, the equations and their proofs for ourselves. It’s not a matter of faith, but simple mathematics. Math doesn’t lie. The math tells us one thing. There cannot be another Fall. Transhumanity will not survive.

We are Sentinels

That’s us. We are the ones getting our hands dirty. If there is an existential threat out there, we find out what it is, fight it, contain it, kill it or die trying. No one will remember our names. No one will know our story. Should transhumanity survive, we will leave no trace behind. Our place in history will be confined to rumors on the most obscure and novel of networks. But we will have done our job, but our species will have survived. If we fail, then all our sacrifices, all the blood on our hands won’t matter, because there will be no one left to judge us. No one left to not remember.

The Crows

These guys are the ears and the eyes of the org. They come from every walk of life. Some of them have gone so deep undercover they’ve forgotten their own ego. They don’t engage but they watch and wait for any X-Threat to show itself. When it does they call in sentinels or a Clean squad. I can’t imagine what that has to be like. Always watching never acting. Sometimes destroying all their old rep, committing network suicide, cold boxing their old life, all just to fabricate some fake ID for the org. And then they all to just watch some hotshot sentinel piss away your years of work and hog all the non-existent glory. But seriously. Without their dedication and nanoscopic vision searching the vast diaspora of transhumanity, we’d be fucked seven ways till tuesday.

The Scanners

The Routers


Our most powerful and influential members. They are the figures hidden deepest shadows between starlight and server. They are the ones who make the deals, launder the credits and deploy operations. They are the only ones who see these threats on a macro scale. The best of us have joined their number. They are the generals in a shadow war, making the hardest decisions and risking the souls unknowable transhumans.

The Backbone of Night

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