One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue

Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc.

The Fall. A name as telling as it is inaccurate. Humanity did not fall when the TITANs devoured Earth. I am reminded of Saturn consuming his child. Though we birthed the titan, it consumed us, lost in madness. What does Saturn feel as he destroys his family? To kill family is to kill a part of oneself. What pushed Saturn to this hate, this fear? How does it affect him?

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What We Know

There is no disagreement. The Fall was an Extinction Level Event not seen since a meteor struck and killed the dinosaurs. Of the 8 billion humans alive in the solar system, less than 1 billion survived. Countless lives were lost to nuclear holocaust, weapons of mass destruction and in the crossfire of battle against TITANs and warring factions. Countless more were abandoned to die on a destroyed Earth with no hope of rescue. And there are still others whose minds were uploaded by the TITANs, to what end we cannot know.

The TITANs (Total Information Tactical Awareness Networks) were supposed to lead us all to Singularity. Instead they brought us to the brink of extinction. And just as they seemed to be on the verge of doing it, they stopped. No one knows why. I suppose they did the math and maybe they determined they’d expend too many resources to wipe the rest of us out. Maybe they had already achieved their objective. Maybe they think we will finish the job for them. We will never know. In the 10 years since the Fall, there has been little to no sign of the TITANs. The Interdiction of Earth has closed off the planet. Nothing enters. Nothing leaves.

The arrival of the Factors, the first Exterrestial Contact, has brought life into perspective. Coming just three years after the silent hostility of the TITANs, the new aliens were pleasantly non-threatening. Perhaps they took pity on us. Or are they just biding their time as well?

Generations before us have imagined events like the Fall as a rallying cry. An event so terrible it would unite all mankind towards a common purpose. A voice in the cosmic fugue. No one is listening. We don’t like to think about how small we really are. All the while the TITANs could still be out there. Watching. Waiting. Preparing. Most people put the it out of their minds. Some, wisely, fear the TITANS will return and prepare.

One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue

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