Firewall Router


An old silver-haired man in a classic tailored suit among a sea of youth.

  • Background: Possibly a Fall Survivor, Enclaver. Rumor is he worked Espionage for several Pre-Fall nations.
  • Faction: Based on his hypercorps ties and his libertarian streak, gotta be an Extropian.
  • Rep: @-70, C-80, e-30, G-30, i-50
  • Morph: Exalt, elder caucasian-genotype usually outfitted with Skillsofts. His morphs are always silver-haired and wrinkled. He believes in preservationism and traditions—“Aging is a grace that has gone out of style. It reminds us too much of our impermanence.”
  • Muse: Mr. Ames, acts as his digital secretary. Persona-type is that of an English butler. The majority of his mesh-space interactions are through Ames.

Tinker-Tailor is a wealthy, hyper-aged Fall Survivor who worked as a spook for several Old Earth Nations. Details of his career, though are sketchy at best. Much of what is written about him on the Eye is #rumor.

Before the Fall he must have made quite a fortune in the Securities and Exchange markets. Semi-retired, he’s not quite an oligarch himself, but moves in the same circles, making Valles-New Shanghai his natural sphere of influence.

He has an odd mix of personal and public politics that have left with him with few close friends, many peers and many more enemies. Personally he is a nihilist, despondent and grim about Transhumanities chances in a violent and unforgiving cosmos. He despises post-fall celebrity-fad culture, particularly it’s worship of youth and viral memes. He bemoans the loss of humanities connection to history and sense of tradition. In short, he’s not great at parties. But this has given him, he claims, clarity of purpose and conscience when facing the Transhuman threats.

Publicly, he has quietly supported the Reclaimer movement and the Preservationists, but supports memes such as morphological freedom and technoprogressivism. Deeply libertarian he values his personal freedom and is always on the move. His favorite mode of transit is maglev train.

He’s known to be an expert interrogator and negotiator.


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